The concept of organic movement sees movement as a basic need of the human body.

We find the pulse of life in movement, in pushing and pulling in weightlifting, whilst breathing in and out in meditation or in the continuous flow of the dance.

In practice and training, we tune the body as an instrument, through that which we move and experience creatively, within a community and with liveliness. We learn to move more freely, to asses our physical possibilities and trust in our selves and bodies.

With Organic Movement, I offer a structure to gain more freedom in movement and feeling home in a pain-free body. Movement does not simply happen once a week in a gym to feel good afterwards, it describes instead a mindful way of being.

lukas displayed in a circle image
lukas displayed in a circle image


Growing up in Berlin, Lukas explored his passion for movement early in life. In the beginning, he gathered knowledge about training, nutrition, and health, and is now working as a fulltime movement-coach and acrobat.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of strength and functional training, combined with three years of circus education – where floor and aerial-acrobatics were his foundations. Movement-wise he enjoys experimenting in the areas of hand-balancing, contemporary dance, contact-improvisation, gymnastic ring strength, ballet, acting, and pantomime just to name a few!

But what is fascinating about “movement-culture” is the freedom from dogma and the overall communication between the single, already defined areas. It is opening up completely new possibilities for creativity and growth.

Using solo or partner exercises in a group – or in a one-on-one-setting, he blazes a trail towards a fully functional and strong interaction of the body.

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